Pilates is a unique system of body conditioning designed to strengthen, stabilise, tone, mobilise and move the whole body. Pilates is delivered in several forms, at The Pilates Centre we offer Matwork classes,  Reformer classes and Studio Sessions.


In our group classes, each session have plans that have been designed with balance, conditioning and movement in mind.


The studio sessions can be very dynamic, depending on the client and day. Every session is a bit different, it all depends on how you are feeling (flat, sore, agitated, energetic, motivated, excited) and a little bit about what we want to share – a workout that has made us sore; a fabulous workshop; or remembered some great sequences!

The studio equipment used is unique to Pilates and offers such variety that you and your body should never get bored. By contrast, when recovering from injury or surgery, our approach is very strongly focused on restoring function to your body. This requires continuity to programming and the equipment in a studio allows us to modify exercises to accommodate almost every limitation in function.

In Pilates, to progress, we don’t simply up the weight or repetitions, we also add stability challenge, coordination challenge and full body integration challenge.

Clear as mud? Pilates is an amazing modality of exercise and rehabilitation that needs to be experienced to know just what it is!


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